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A reliable and versatile network needs to be self-healing, self-defending, self-optimizing, and self-aware. Our Campus LAN and Wireless LAN Design Guidance will allow you how to achieve such a network. Whether your organization is a small remote site or a high-density large enterprise, you’ll find a platform and a design to fit your needs.


Primary focus areas are:

  1. Global enterprise availability
    • Unified Communications, financial, medical, and other critical systems are driving requirement for five nines (99999) availability and improved convergence times necessary for real-time interactive applications.
    • Migration towards fewer centralized data repositories increases the need for network availability for all business processes.
    • Network change windows are shrinking or being eliminated as businesses operations adjust to globalization and are operating 7x24x365.
  2. Collaboration and real-time communication application use is growing.
    • The user experience is becoming a top priority for business communication systems.
    • As Unified Communications deployments increase, uptime becomes even more critical.
  3. Continuing evolution of security threats.
    1. Security threats continue to grow in number and complexity.
    2. Distributed and dynamic application environments are bypassing traditional security chokepoints.
  4. The need to adapt to change without forklift upgrades.
    • IT purchases face longer time-in-service and must be able to adapt to adjust to future as well as present business requirements.
    • Time and resources to implement new business applications are decreasing.
    • New network protocols and features are appearing every month.
  5. Expectations and requirements for anywhere; anytime access to the network are growing.
    • The need for partner and guest access is increasing as business partnerships are evolving.
    • Increased use of portable devices (laptops and PDAs) is driving the demand for full featured and secure mobility services.
    • An increasing need to support multiple device types in diverse locations.
  6. Next generation applications are driving higher capacity requirements.
    • Embedded rich media in documents.
    • Interactive high definition video and streaming services.
  7. Networks are becoming more complex.
    • Do it yourself integration can delay network deployment and increase overall costs.
    • Business risk mitigation requires validated system designs.
    • Adoption of advanced technologies (voice, segmentation, security, wireless) all introduce specific requirements and changes to the base switching design and capabilities
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